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'I'll never forget her sons' faces,' says soldier who lowered Diana's coffin into the ground

*PRINCESS DIANA's GRAVESITE ~ Note the flaming torch on her tombstone. The burial site of Diana cements her association with the ancient Goddess Diana who was worshipped in recluse groves outside of urban areas.

Published on Aug 22, 2013 Princess Diana of Wales was a member of the British Royal Family. She died tragically on the 31st August 1997, aged just 36. What saddened people more than anything was the suspicious circumstances around her death and rumours of murder and betrayal. This caused mass hysteria, but to this day we still don't fully understand what happened that night, on, and off, the streets of Paris. ...

Princess Diana of Wales was a member of the British Royal Family. She died tragically on the August aged just What saddened people more than a.

The original black gown made for Lady Diana Spencer for her first public appearance as fiancé of Prince Charles sold for over two hundred thousand dollars in June 2010. Diana had lost so much weight prior to this appearance, the dress had to be completely re-made by the designers, David and Elizabeth Emanuel. The dress was sold along with an original copy of the invoice.

This taffeta dress was worn by the Princess for hers and Prince Charles’ first appearance after announcing their engagement. Historical and revealing, the dress was designed by Elizabeth and David Emmanuel.

I don't think they liked him !

Buried in Texas, USA. I wonder what Bernard P. Hopkins did to deserve this add-on marker?

pHOTOS OF THE ISLAND WHERE PRINCESS dIANA IS BURIED | Princess Diana's Funeral - 40500 | Shutterstock Footage

LIE: Princess Diana's burial TRUTH: Absolutely not! There are no photos of her actual burial on the island on the grounds of Althorp. Also, if you compare her coffin (even with the flag on it) to this one, hers was flat on top, this one isn't.

Prince William is reported to have taken Kate Middleton to the island where his mother, Princess Diana is buried. The island is a peaceful retreat that is known as The Oval on the grounds of her ancestral home, Althorp. There is one temple which forms a permanent memorial to the princess. The royal couple are believed to have rowed a small boat to the island where Diana is buried.

Kate Middleton 'pays tribute to Princess Diana in emotional grave visit with William'

The final resting place of Princess Diana - on an island in Althorp Park, her ancestral home. Had a private tour when I interviewed Charles Spencer, Princess Diana's brother there.