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Love going to the fair.  Noticing the shapes that make everything; Circles, cubes, triangles and lines, its a little weird but kinda cool.

This picture represents the element of art, space. You can really tell that the Ferris wheel is farther behind the swings at the fair or carnival. You can tell that because the swings are layered on top of the Ferris wheel.

i am not such its art but if it wasn't made like  that to look like that you fooled me

Stunning series by New York-based photographer Bing Wright. The series, entitled "Broken Mirror/Evening Sky", features the colorful reflections of sunsets on shattered mirrors. More photography via Colossal

Picinit :: Her magazine, we all want.

6000 year old kiss. Hasanlu, Iran redskiesandbutterflies: 6000 year old kiss. this is my favorite omg i can’t this is so beautiful. love this

Brick by brick there was a wall. Who would think what was behind was beautiful…

-Texture - A photo where the detail on a surface of something is put into focus and shown. - The texture of this photo to me makes it seem old. Like the brick is old and wearing away.

100% ART

Blurred umbrellas on a city street. Amazing and effective use of a slow shutter speed! It's an awesome artistic way to convey busy city life.

Sometimes I can be my worst critic.

Senior pictures in the rain. Senior pictures with umbrella. Senior pictures in water.

This is what I would believe the aerialists set would look like. Tons of rising and falling birdcages with them performing around them. This seems like it would be a beautiful sight.

The fact that every cage is empty makes me smile. To cage something that holds the ability to fly is insane. ~Cages a plentiful~


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