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Infant stars from the Hubble Telescope, how amazing is this

Infant stars- on an accent wall? i've always wanted to do this.

I should probably just make a board called Pretty Stuff, but I'll lazy and don't want to move all my pins.

Turbulence in a Star Forming Region The nebula’s sparkling centerpiece is a giant, young star cluster named NGC only 2 million years old. Its stellar inhabitants number roughly The cluster is a hotbed for young, massive stars. The cluster’s

Surprenante plongée dans des mondes inexplorés où reposent le secret des origines. Photo prise par le télescope spatial Hubble de la nébuleuse de Carina.

Astronomers are watching a delayed broadcast of a spectacular outburst from the unstable, behemoth double-star system Eta Carinae, an event initially seen on Earth nearly 170 years ago.

Taken by the Hubble Telescope....(the gates of Heaven)

This is a new photo taken by the Hubble telescope Scientists do not know what it is yet. But they are calling it HEAVEN'S GATE OMG This is astounding, breathtaking! What an amazing universe! :) ❤ Could this be the gates of Heaven?


Behold the Horsehead Nebula, aka Barnard a dark nebula in the constellation Orion.

Center of Milky Way

Hubble photograph of the Sagittarius Star Cloud, providing this image of some of the oldest inhabitants of our galaxy

The Great Nebula in Orion

Got a stretched canvas print for our living room to go next to the butterfly nebula the Orion Nebula (Top) and NGC 1977 a Reflection Nebula (Bottom)