Classique mixe de bleu marine et blanc || Intérieur d'Yvonne Kone

On craque pour le bleu marine ou navy blue en déco

North of Copenhagen, one finds this new-built holiday home, constructed as three boxes fused seamlessly into one. The holiday home is the result of a collaboration between designer Emil Thorup and Kalmar-huse. Together, they have created a fascinating house with contrasting materials as a recurring design feature. The combination of light and dark wood and …

I Nordsjælland ligger et nyopført sommerhus, bygget op som tre kasser, der…

open space (Nordic leaves)

open space (Nordic leaves)

salon avec plafond en verre et canapé blanc et sol en béton ciré gris

Découvrir le sol en béton ciré dans beaucoup de photos!


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soft shades of pale grey - White Memories: Pis de luxe a Barcelona Material use on walls and lighting on book shelves