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honeybee comb & cells

Obviously the whole reason to set up, maintain, and stock a beehive is to harvest honey. You will know that it is time to harvest the honey when you look i

The Preserves, 1915 ~ Pierre Bonnard ~ (French: 1867-1947)

Pierre Bonnard ~ previous pinner noted "Bonnard's paintings celebrate light, color, and seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Bonnard - Nude in an Interior

ericusrex: Nude in an Interior - Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard, Corner of the Dining Room at Le Cannet, c.1932 (oil on canvas), 81x90 cm

Corner Dining Room at Cannet - Pierre Bonnard 1932 French Oil on canvas, 81 x 90 cm

The terrace at vernon, 1939 by Pierre Bonnard. Post-Impressionism. genre painting

La terrasse à Vernonnet, 1939 The Terrace at Vernonnet, 1939 par Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard, Young Woman Writing, 1908 ══════════════════════  BIJOUX  DE GABY-FEERIE   ☞ http://gabyfeeriefr.tumblr.com/ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ ARTS ET PEINTURES - ARTS AND PAINTINGS  ☞ https://fr.pinterest.com/JeanfbJf/pin-peintres-painters-index/ ══════════════════════

Pierre Bonnard French, Young Woman Writing (Jeune femme écrivant) 1908 Oil on paper or paperboard lined to canvas