A cake for Amelie~ This is a cake to celebrate the birth of my 2nd granddaughter Amelie Iris who was born on September 1st on her mum Zoe's birthday! Amelie was 5 weeks early and so was Zoe who is my daughter ! The cake has a white rabbit on to represent the Tradition of saying "white rabbit, white rabbit" as soon as you wake up on the morning of the 1st of the month!  The cake is inspired by my Pip studios hand towel! and the wonderful work of Rob Ryan!

Pink cake with white appliqués and white rabbit cake topper // bunny cake top // woodland animals birthday cake for girls (or boys!) gorgeous baby shower cake too

Cake via Cocoa & Fig {Beaux & Belles blog}

Rock Candy Wedding Cake - LOVE the colors and what a great concept.sweet and simple. no pun intended :)

Gold and White Peony Wedding Cake, 4 tiers

Golden Peony Wedding Cake---- Def see peonies as your wedding flowers Edelstein

This three-tiered square cake features chocolate fondant on the middle tier, alternated with vanilla fondant, and fuchsia pink satin ribbon at the base of each tier. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Square 4 tier wedding cake with hot pink and bright orange ribbons. With different color ribbons.

Goeiemorgen op deze prachtige morgen! Heerlijk hoor dat warme weer. Geniet van deze mooie dag! #weirdcloset

Tyler Daniel~~it is either gonna be this Fireman Wedding Cake or the VDub Bus cake if you ever get married. Scratch that, lets just practice making the cakes!

Quilted Elegance Wedding Cake

NO FLOWERS THOUGH. 4 tier square wedding cake with diamond quilting and fresh flowers topper with a rhinestone monogram cake topper flowers: Ambience Floral photo: Jacqueline Photography

how to make fondant pom poms

weddinginspirasi: Sugar pom pom cake make out of purplish gum paste shaped into ruffled balls. Sweet and fun looking. Cake by Sophie Bifield Cake Company Photographed by Melanie Rebane photography


White With Grey And Yellow Wedding Cake with Flowers. Could add a red vein in the large yellow flower