The road to refrigeration that brought us to where we are today required major ingenuity and innovation. Click to to see what inspired our Modern Made Classics of today! #BigChill #Retro

The History of the Fridge

Big Chill’s Retropolitan Refrigerator has a stamped metal body, authentic chrome trim, chrome handle, available left hand hinge and is energy efficient. Choose from eight standard colors or 200 custom colors.

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Perfect for my Coca~Cola kitchen Elmira (Northstar) retro fridges and ranges, 1950 retro, contemporary and modern kitchen appliances.

Réfrigérateur FAB28RR1 - Smeg

Réfrigérateur FAB28RR1

Fridge Smeg designed in Italy, has functional characteristics of quality with a design that combines style and high technology. See it at www.

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1956 Philco Combination, These people do a fantastic job on these products. Beautiful memories brought back to life. Oh Repurposed .