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Question Mark butterfly (Polygonia interrogationis)

The Question Mark Butterfly - Range: Canada, eastern United States to central Mexico.

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Beautiful butterfly -- Painted Lady Butterfly Photograph by David and Carol Kelly - Painted Lady Butterfly Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

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Orange Beauty ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths l" board @

Orange Beauty ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths l" board…

Beautiful butterfly

One of the most amazing creatures we see in the garden is the beautiful Butterfly.

When it refers to caterpillars, a lots of people young and old do not know simply the things they feast upon. Why don't we uncover many of things that they would definitely ingest. To start with, you need to become conscious of that there are a huge amount of caterpillar food resources; you only need to seek out all of them! We ensure that there actually are various caterpillar food sources around your property; you simply just may want to try to find them.

Valentine Butterfly Greeting Card for Sale by Georgianne Giese

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three rare and beautiful spotted Rihanna butterflies on flower Bird of Paradise .

green butterfly...

Tailed Jay Butterfly (Graphium agamemnon) - photo by Eva Kaufman; A truly beautiful, beautiful butterfly. The color green is so brillant like jade.


How can people say there is no GOD! They need to step outside and look around at nature, insects, animals, flowers, etc.

Batesia is a genus of butterfly of the Nymphalidae family containing only one species, the Painted Beauty (Batesia hypochlora). It is found in the upper Amazon areas of Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.  The wingspan is 85-95 mm. The underside of the hindwings is yellow, varying in tone from pale cream to deep saffron depending on locality.

The Painted Beauty Butterfly (Batesia hypochlora) Peru, Ecuador