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oh que perro!: ¿Por qué hay perros con ojos de distinto color?

Eye color is due to Heterochromia iridum. The gold brown colored eye is the normal eye color, the blue eye is lacking pigmentation

This Siberian husky was the best thing that happened to leaves this year. | The 50 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

Kent Peterson just finished raking leaves in his backyard when Butch, his Siberian Husky, decided to have a little fun. Butch buries himself in the leaves then proceeds to jump and prance around in the massive pile.

lsleofskye: “ Buffalo Peaks Wilderness ”

lsleofskye: “Buffalo Peaks Wilderness” A wolf examines his reflection in marsh waters.

The Dogs of Burwash: Blackass - By: (Wroot Down)

look at this beautiful dog looks like a cattle dog heeler husky ish cross wooooowww I am going to be a crazy dog lady

hahaha - Siberian Husky

Don't question me, just help me down.

domashnyaya-ryzhaya-lisa-vinegret (17)

Meet Juniper, The Pet Fox Who’s Basically An Orange Dog//BoredPanda

39 Creative DIY Ideas for Reusing Old Wine Barrels

Old wooden barrel can be used as pet house to accommodate your dog or cat in garden. Barrel would nicely blend in the garden. However you need some support work for the barrel to stay where you put it and not to roll away