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USS Nevada (BB36) 1942 after being repaired from the Pearl Harbor attack.

USS Nevada in 1942 after being repaired from the Pearl Harbor attack. Note the twin secondary battery turrets.

French ironclad Magenta, date unknown

USS Indiana (BB-1) Indiana class

Photo Finish Black Bordered Photograph Reproduced on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Lustre Paper USS Indiana, League Island Navy Yard Philadelphia, Pa.

USS Idaho (left) and USS New Mexico, Pearl Harbor, 1943.

Modernised battleships USS Idaho (left) and USS New Mexico at Pearl Harbor, 1943

USS Delaware 1911 by Lioness-Nala on DeviantArt

The battleship USS "Delaware" in her early configuration. This drawing is a part of my latest article (january for polish naval magazine MSiO (Mor.

Close-up of the ornate bow and torpedo tube of USS Indiana.

USS Indiana Indiana (BB 20 Nov 1895 / 29 Dec 1903 Recommissioned at New York Navy Yard 9 Jan decommissioned at Philadelphia 23 May Recommissioned a second time 24 May at Philadelphia 31 January Used as aerial bomb target; hulk sold as scrap 19 Mar

U.S.Navy Monitor Puritan.

1898 US Naval History - The monitor USS Puritan with deck cleared for action

USS Michigan BB 27.  Fully dressed with flags and with her crew manning the rails, during the naval review off New York City, 3 October 1911.

USS Michigan a South Carolina-class battleship, was the second ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the state. She was the first battleship in the world to be commissioned with superimposed, or superfire type turrets.