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Motivation: Don't Stop When You're Tired...

Free Poster: Don't Stop When You're Tired...

LOVE this whole series of motivational images and statements!

This is the reason I started working out. Not because I think I’m fat, but because it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing

How to Build a Strong Lean Body If You're Tired and Overweight // OnDietAndHealth.com

How To Build A Strong Lean Body If You're Tired and Overweight

How to build a strong lean body when you're tired and overweight? What kind of movement is easy but effective? Answer: Start with hormones before anything else! Read more about how to build a strong, lean body when you're tired and overweight!

Agree 100%! I didn't start seeing results in my stomach until my diet changed, no matter how much core work I did. 6 pack here I come!

How to boost metabolism and lose weight easier - great info! You wear what you eat. No matter how much you go the the gym, if you don't eat healthy you will never reach your goal.

the Guinness World Records' oldest female bodybuilder. At 74 years old

It's never too late to get fit and look fabulous! Real inspiration: Ernestine Shepherd is 74 years old. She is a personal trainer, a professional model & a competitive bodybuilder. She started exercising at 56 and took up body building at Amazing!

Because I can!

Each time visiting the dr eachone tells me i am fat.really it must be the clothes.this is what i look like in my work out clothes hhhhhhaaaaaBelieve that you can.

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Live with beauty : I quit sugar - wellness, whole food, sugar free

Fit and healthy is sexy not skinny

Finally a fit and tone body that is achievable for my build. This is my goal. Arms are set.abs are close.working on cutting body fat to slim down the thighs.who are is achievable! This is so true!