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The most hardcore cupcake. This is what happens if you lit a whole pack of candles at once

... That was an unexpected plot twist.

This literally made my life complete hahah "I didnt know BBC had a tumbler!" bahaha "The mother of all plot twists.

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Get your meme on!

Any cookie can be bite-sized if you're willing to become the joker.

This is sooo oatmeal

This post is oatmeal.<<<soooo oatmeal but i luv th last 1 shhh hes a lyer

This is too much power for one mortal to possess.

I Think We Found Our New Disney Princess… <-- We need a modern Disney princess who is a little girl. And a Disney PRINCE for once.

What if I just give every boy yellow roses

I would die if a guy ever gave me a white rose. Haven't they ever read hunger games? but, fun fact, the white rose represents true love, beyond death

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"And what can you tell me of Lord Farquad?" "Well, men of his standing are in 'short' supply.

Omigosh!!!!!!! This is literally the best thing I've seen in a while! Oh I miss this show just too much, and we love Mr Mosby

JESUS TAKE THE PRNDL (The guy who plays Mr. Moseby was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. He was probably too busy decided whether to listen to aaammmm or ffffmmm to pay attention to the PRNDL.

Tumblr Stuff #6 I'm crying

Tumblr Stuff #6

Oh my gosh the first one. Three kinds of people. I'm laughing so hard right now.I think the lst one is the most hilarious lmao

They're funny but that grammar is atrocious.

Burst with excitement!

They're funny but that grammar is atrocious. << They're funny [comma] but that grammar is atrocious. If you're gonna be a grammar Nazi, be a GOOD grammar Nazi.

I was about to sing "one of these things is not like the other" ...... and then, America

As an American I can confirm this. We also fly bald eagles regularly, and on Thursdays we wave our flag, (wearing red, white and blue) shouting, USA!<<I can also confirm that. And on wensday we wear red white and blue.