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C: Both by Snow-Body.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

at the moment i have problems by full body. i needed long to get this pose and still not happy about that. yeah she is sitting on her tail X'D but Iäm happy with the design ^^ hope you like h.

Cosmos-Male-Quiet, keeps to himself, doesn't mind being around others, can get pushy, great tracker-Power:Can create brief flashes of bright light to temporarily stun enemies or prey-no mate or pups Hey black wolf

T: Watching by Snow-Body.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

T: Watching by Snow-Body.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Galeria: Fantastic Beasts por Jade Mere

Galeria: Fantastic Beasts por Jade Mere


Las 10 obras de arte más famosas del mundo

Adam S. Doyle  es un artista que crea animales monocromáticos. El protagonismo de sus obras recae en las marcadas pinceladas, que no intenta...

Adam S DoyleFoxes of Legacy Forest Artist Adam S. Doyle Utilizes Simplified Brushstrokes to Organically Conjure Animals to the Blank Page– Colossal “[Doyle’s] seemingly incomplete brushstrokes form.

{•F.A.Qs|Commissions|DeviantART|Nabyn|Wips|Fur Affinity|YouTube|tumblr.•} Commission for character © =Crazywolfs artwork © =Snow-Body dat design XD i hope i got all right ^^ i h...

random wolf, random small drawing from me, was bored enough explanation LITTLE THANKS to: the people who vote so often on my polls and write comments so much to read for me *_* when i wake up befor.

C: My Mind by Snow-Body on deviantART

Commission Small - Headshot character (c) ~kaussin artwork (c) =Snow-Body random titel. idk, no ideas XD awww cute little green wolf .