This Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye - This portrait of a grown-up Calvin (of Bill Watterson's immortal "Calvin and Hobbes") by artist and comedian Craig Mahoney may cause tears to uncontrollably fly out of your face. No judgments.

Calvin and Hobbes - it was important to show this at times since Calvin was such trouble - parenting

Calvin and Hobbes>> oh my goodness! This is my most favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic strip in the world

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23 Pictures That Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

Went to High School with this cartoonist!

Calvin and Hobbes QUOTE OF THE DAY (DA): "I suppose it will all make sense when we grow up." -- Calvin/Bill Watterson--- I'm still waiting for it all to make sense


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Calvin and Hobbes. I love this cartoon! Back in the old days before multimedia was everywhere we in the Army brought books and comics with us to read. This and the Far Side were my two favorites.

Calvin and Hobbes, DE's CLASSIC PICK of the day (9-19-14) - Bath time! ...She'll never look here.

Calvin and Hobbes (DA) - She'll never look here. (one of my all-time faves)