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Sunset, red and teal blue living room colors

✯ Sunset Reflection* nothing can be more beautiful than the nature.try not to destroy it.

ionwkathy:    (via CHRISTMAS EVE SUNSET by (mariee1) | EyeFetch)

Beautiful purple sunset- I cannot explain the awe I would be in if I watched this particular sunset!…God is so awesome

Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors warning!

Beautiful moon and red water picture. Signing off for tonight. Have fun pinting. The Incensewoman

The sun at dawn.

I crave the ocean. When I close my eyes and picture my ideal home, it is right beside the ocean. A giant deck looking out over the beach. Whenever I am near the ocean, I feel incredibly free and alive.

Beautiful shell and sunset on the beach. Love how the shell is sticking up from the sand :)

At the end of the day, all you have is tomorrow morning..  ...and that is enough ♥    {Photo credit: I.G. Hermosell}

Beautiful picture of clouds, sun, and water. This is a great picture to include when talking about the sun heating up the water!

just because it's gorgeous

Beautiful sunset on the beach. Travel and Photography from around the world.

Así termina un día perfecto....

I picked this picture because the colors of the sunset are just beyond beautiful with he purple that blends to pink and blue and makes the ocean or lake sparkle with a different shade is magnificent.