Maybe this is true. Maybe this explains a few things. But nothing justifies the abuse Harry faced as a child.

Harry Potter humor

13 Things You Only Realize When You Reread Harry Potter As An Adult

Harry Potter humor

I feel like crying now. This broke my heart.

Luna will always and forever be my favorite character she's so important

Awh I friend-ship them ;D (bad pun I'm so sorry lol)

I'm not even in Slytherin but i think this is so cool

This makes me feel a lot better about being sorted into Slytherin.

The Marauders and Harry

The Marauders, Lily and baby Harry

Wow. The Fandom Theories Reign Strong in this one.

The Fandom Theories Reign Strong in this one.<<< so you're saying that Snape's love for Lily saved Harry

Hahaha that would make my life if someone did that for me :P

I want to meet this couple. lol troll in the dungeon. :P :) best day ever. I want this to happen.


It always becomes about the fandoms<---of course the supernatural fandom was the first to hijack a post XD



This would be amazing, like can you imagine the horrified look on a slytherins face as they walk down to their common room and they think they see Freddy or Jason out the corner of their eye or the shadow of every fish becomes threatening to then

Professor Flitwick proud of the fred and george

I bet professor Flitwick is an investor in the Weasley wizard wheezes

Ron is a very good character. It frustrates me when no else sees this. Saying, Ron doesn't need to be there.

Wow, that hit hard.

Ron's just awesome isn't he!

Sirius agonizing over which dad joke to make, but then finding the perfect solution

Not sure if this is totally canon, but IT IS FOR ME

I will do this with my children someday. (Encouraging kids to help with chores and responsibilities) --- That would be awesome, especially since I have three siblings and we're all in different houses!