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What’s this, what’s this? Awesome!

What’s this, what’s this?

Thank you Alexandria Wallace for being a prime example of why everyone hates Americans. Or white people.

Well Do They

The "Ching chong language? The CHING CHONG language? What is a "Ching chong" language?

Does this sound exactly like you and me or WHAT?

I was given the opportunity once to deliver a similar line to a random creep. With my deadpan, "I am not even remotely joking" expression, it worked very well indeed<<you are my hero

... That was an unexpected plot twist.

This literally made my life complete hahah "I didnt know BBC had a tumbler!" bahaha "The mother of all plot twists.

This would have never happen if the friend was a girl...cause she would talk about her 4 cats all the time.

My favourite cat story, so what your saying is, if i become a crazy cat lady, i should get identical looking cats


Why was six afraid of seven lol <<<<< I assume its because seven is a prime number and prime numbers can be scary <----- THAT COMMENT <<<< it's because of the joke 'why was six afraid of seven' because 7 8 9 (seven ate nine)'

Tumblr menfolk, I salute you.

Freshly baked meme for you

When a pun is an acceptable answer...

When a pun is an acceptable answer…

Photoshopped Melons…

I remember seeing the "blue watermelon" before and i knew it was photoshopped because I had seen the normal picture about two years prior!

excuse the language but too strange and hilarious

Mwahahahaha You will never find me for I am The cereal killer I have found my people

Here are some geeky things you probably did not know about the making of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I already loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, but because of these facts it makes me appreciate it even more. This is truly a wonderfully beautiful movie. Corpse Bride definitely has to be my second favorite Tim Burton movie.

Learn how to draw Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas! Watch our short video and follow along to draw your own.

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