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I don't have a problem with you being my boss. It's the fact that you're a dumb ass that gets paid twice what I do that really pisses me off.

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This is an actual thing. Sarcasm has feelings too, and it settles deep within my gut when not released. My family does not appreciate my sarcastic personality

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Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Sometimes it hurts physically to hold in my sarcastic comments.

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Rottenecards - Ever have one of those days where literally everything pisses you off? Someone could be like Look at that rainbow, and I'd be all Fuck that shit!

I'M HAVING A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN..AS SOON AS ... - http://www.razmtaz.com/im-having-a-nervous-breakdown-as-soon-as/

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: As soon as this day is over I'm having a nervous breakdown. I've worked for it, I deserve it and no one is going to keep me from it!

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lol tis true sometimes.girls do say suck my dick even tho we don't have one. wonder if that saying would make it as far as suck my dick. Oh just some random thoughts.


Some days at work, I wonder if this is going to be the day I accidentally scream "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" out loud instead of just in my head.

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I can actually hear your words being misspelled while you are speaking to me - Quote - Amen - Pet Peeve -

i am mentally hilarious.

"I'm not crazy. I prefer the term mentally hilarious." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

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it's not cellulite, it's my body's way of saying "i'm sexy".in braille, too funny!