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Surfing orca

Another reason I want my next big trip to be New Zealand: Orcas surfing, Auckland

www.pegasebuzz.com | Orca, orque, black fish, killer whale by Paul Nicklen.

Fun fact: if you want to be able to tell weather an orca is male or female the best way is to look at it's dorsal fin. Female's and calves, have short curved fins, and males have tall strait fins.


Orcas in the wild, where they live . as opposed to some shit aquarium.

Californian transient orcas!

Killer whales put on 'unbelievable' show in Monterey Bay. Photo Caption: A small family of killer whales was one of several to visit Monterey Bay this weekend. Photo by Jodi Frediani

#Serrurier #Elancourt http://serrurierelancourt.lartisanpascher.com/ Young whale making a splash.

See a wild Orca--- A very joyous orca calf. The calf is Calf (Tigrenok) and is making a high jump in Avacha Gulf.

Orcas - Within each pod, families form into sub-pods centered around older females, usually grandmothers or great-grandmothers. Both male and female offspring remain in close association with their mothers for life. - Center for Whale Research

Center for Whale Research - Orca Whales San Juan Island, WA - my favorite pod of orcas.

Caleb Jamieson took these once-in-a-lifetime Instagram shots, commenting: "I've never been so blown away. Nor scared."

Orcas chase dolphins in Blind Channel, Squamish. AMAZING video and photos!

Large group of the Northern Resident Orca population

paulien took this shot a couple years ago, residents orcas (sleeping?) in johnstone straight off telegraph cove

Orca ♥

Juvenile female Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca) illuminated by warm morning light. Tysfjord, Norway Print Available