Costume Corner by Brent Waller, via Flickr

Brent Waller has created a costume corner shop for his collectible minifig series 1 I think it's a great way to integrate the collectible minifig series into everyday city life, what do yo.

The Red Brick Pizza Oven (2014) - Godwins Hollow: A LEGO® creation by Stewart & Sydney Godwin :

The Red Brick Pizza Oven - Godwins Hollow :: Individual Buildings. As Godwins Hollow's first 'modular' MOC The Red Brick Pizza Oven is a significant part of the city.

Lego Building #8 | My Lego Modular Building MOC. Built in th… | Flickr

My Lego Modular Building MOC. Built in the Café Corner style. Inspired by the Friends 41035 Heartlake Juice Bar.

Lego Building #7 | Not done with this one yet but I may have… | Flickr

Beautifully done city block. Nice modification on the Fire Station. What is LEGO's obsession with fire and police themes?

so cool!!!!

Hi guys, I am honored to present to you Emporio Armani™ store, one of the latest additions to my Rodeo Drive style modular buildings, wh.

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Market Street 10190 is definitely one of the most recognized buildings to emerge from LEGO Factory.