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Choose a pose and one of my OC OTPs! (Hook and Shards, Daisy and Victor, or Aiden and Drew!)

I wanna practice poses and expressions so comment one of your gems and one of mine (can be ships, friends or gems who haven't really met but you think would be good friends) and a pose and I'll draw them

Pick one for Hook and Shards and I'll doodle it! (Aw yeah, the PTO)

I think I want to do one of these for Cecil and Carlos (my OTP) so yee comment which one

《Oh no》 ♡Pick a number and letter ♡Choose a oc; •Liza(Ow oc) •Nano •Michel

《Oh no》 ♡Pick a number and letter ♡Choose a oc from your account and I can draw it