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Olga Moskvina.

now this is how feathers in your hair is supposed to look like, i hate how thats the latest trend right now. No one knows how to do it right (Silk has many feathers in her hair, gifts from her friends, showing their bond)

Melinoë (Greek Μηλινόη) is a Greek Chthonic Nymph invoked in one of the Orphic Hymns and propitiated as a Bringer of Nightmares and Madness. Melinoë was a daughter of  Persephone, Queen and Goddess of the Underworld. According to the hymn, she brings night terrors to mortals by manifesting in strange forms, "now plain to the eye, now shadowy, now shining in the darkness," and can drive mortals insane.

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Gothic Princess

morticians-flame: “kelseyherbst: “Awesome vintage cape my lovely friend Tiffany gifted me a while ago ” ” < blue hair + queen

Winter is coming

Hirari Ikeda, a well-known Harajuku street fashion personality, on the street in Shibuya. (Photo by Tokyo Fashion)Hirari Ikeda, a well-known Harajuku street fashion personality, on the stree

20  Shaggy Short Haircuts | http://www.short-haircut.com/20-shaggy-short-haircuts.html

20+ Shaggy Short Haircuts

We have a crush on Kayla Varley´s work and we are happy to present you a C-Heads Exclusive starring wild beauty Margarita Kallas at LA Models. Shot on location at…View Post