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Dinteranthus wilmotianus

Super tiny seeds but Easy to grow. seeds are super tiny but easy to grow after place it on wet soil. EXOTIC CACTUS COLLECTION for more rare cactus and seeds.

Went to Home Depot to pick up light bulbs the other day and somehow ended up with these 🙈 I know I'm not the only one who does this!

Very Strange Succulent

This is a type of succulent, lithops optica, resembles sea coral. This rare beauty has also been identified as: Frithia pulchra, a south african native succulent plant. Resembles baby toes as well.

Daniel Humberto Flores - Google+

Daniel Humberto Flores - Google+

Cipocereus bradei

Cipocereus Bradei Cactus: rare and endangered (Brazil) due to habitat destruction.

Conophytum crateriforme

Conophytum crateriforme

cactos ornamentales

beautiful cactus Gardening Tips Lots Of Pictures also Lots of Good Fresh Garden Recipe

Lithops pseudotruncatella in bloom

Lithops pseudotruncatella - Lithops is a genus of succulent plants in the ice plant family, Aizoaceae. Members of the genus are native to southern Africa