Blum House

18 of the world's most stunning treehouses

Blum treehouse_ architect Dustin Feider began building the Blum House in His inspiration for the house came from Antonio Scarpa, a designer whose work looks at how we experience space.

Woodshed design - this would be a neat workshop!

Can I live here? Apparently you can actually rent this one out!

The Château Monbazillac Treehouse is part of the Châteaux dans les Arbres complex of elevated holiday cabins situated in the trees of Nojals-et-Clotte, France.

Id like a tree house just for a little getaway spot...

This is not a tree house this is a house lolol I would love to have this as an extra addition.

54 Tremendous Towering Treehouses - From Foliage-Friendly Abodes to Massive Avian Estates (CLUSTER)

54 Tremendous Towering Treehouses

Like some childrens picture-book come to life, this Enchanted Forest wooden tree house may look a bit kitsch to us as adults from a design perspectivebut for kids it is one very cool combination of fairy tale magic and real-life adventure.

Treehouse design in Slovenia - Andraž Kavčič, Robert Potokar, Robert Marčun

Built by Robert Potokar,Janez Brežnik in Ljubljana, Slovenia with date Images by Andraž Kavčič. The Tree House, designed by Robert Potokar of Robert Potokar Architecture Office and co-designer Janez Brežnik, is a .

Bamboo house in Bali

Designed by Ibuku, Bali's Green Village is a community of gorgeous homes built entirely from bamboo. Read more: Ibuku Constructs Three New Bamboo Homes in Bali's Gorgeous Green Village

This awesome treehouse looks to be straight from a Harry Potter movie.

The best tree house you will ever see… um that's a treehouse? A tree house that would go with my dream house !

Build Charming Tree Houses By Yourself With These Diy Projects

Build Charming Tree Houses By Yourself With These Diy Projects

25 Amazing And Affordable Treehouses You’ll Want To Rent For Your Next Vacay 50 Kids Treehouse Designs. I think this is the winner for the new house :)

Awesome mom builds ultimate $1,500 treehouse | Shine On - Shine from Yahoo Canada

Awesome mom builds ultimate $1,500 treehouse