Fantastic example of hatching and cross-hatching. Tone is created with line.

a very condense cross-hatching technique is used in the mid-ground of this image, in contrast to the less condense contour hatching featured in the foreground and background.

Nicolas Jolly

Fingerprint - Averse - India ink drawing - Nicolas Jolly-This piece demonstrates a true use of hatching. I have the most trouble with hatching and this picture seems to help me calibrate my own hatching abilities.

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Illustrations / Andy Gilmore

trait noir illustration 01 443x700 Empreintes en traits noirs  cinema 2 bonus

Empreintes en traits noirs

Etsy - Fingerprint - Pâques Black ink drawing By Nicolas Jolly

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Fingerprint - Gallery - Black ink drawing - Encre - Nicolas Jolly

Fingerprint - Gallery - Black ink drawing - Encre - Nicolas Jolly

Fingerprint - Sailing.  Black ink drawing. By Nicolas Jolly. #art #drawing #ink

Drawing black ink Sailing Print drawing by NicolasJolly on Etsy,

Fingerprint - Stairway.  Black ink drawing. By Nicolas Jolly. #art #drawing #ink

French artist Nicolas Jolly creates intricate ink drawings that appear to be made out fingerprint patterns when you look closely. His black and white illustrations are commonly made using black ink but his drawing style is in a whole new level.

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Lines by Nicolas Jolly

Black Ink Drawings of Fingerprint Patterns. French artist and illustrator Nicolas Jolly uses black ink to create his unique drawings made of fingerprint pa