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Arabic calligraphy The figure of a woman jumping is created using the arabic diwani jali calligraphy script. The text reads “Always do what you are afraid to do” and is repeated exactly three times to create the shape. by calligrapher Everitte Barbee

Arabische Kalligraphie Kunst  إمام الشافعي  arabische

Arabic Calligraphy Art - إمام الشافعي - Arabic Calligraphy Elephant - Arabic Poetry - Imam Al Shafi'i Poetry - Islamic Poetry - Arabic Gift

Beautiful pictures of Arabic calligraphy or Arabic word made into pictures

Arabic Calligraphy

“Just because you see the lion’s teeth, don’t assume that the lion is smiling”. Al-Mutanabbi This Arab proverb is written exactly six times within the image of the lion. إذا رأيتَ نيوبَ الليثِ بارزةً فلا تظنّ أنَّ الليثَ يبتسمُ More on the poet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Mutanabbi

Just because you can see the lion's teeth, don't assume he is smiling. Al Mutanabbi’s proverb: “Just because you see the lion’s teeth, don’t assume that the lion is smiling” The quote is wri.


Palestine 1948 - Arabic Calligraphy Print

The map of Palestine is depicted using the names of the cities and villages that existed before The names are written in a derivative of the Diwani Jali Islamic calligraphy script Villages an…

 #Love_of_Allah #İslam #Muslim #islamicart #Mecca #Medina #kudüs

#Love_of_Allah #İslam #Muslim #islamicart #Mecca #Medina #kudüs

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Wissam Shawkat - Love Carpet Arabic calligraphy with all the different words for love

Arabic calligraphy   Verse 3 of "8th Son" by Golan Hadi  Frigging awesome!

A verse from the poem Son” by Syrian poet Golan Haji is written in calligraphy

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By the name of Allah. In 'Jude' (جود), a contemporary Arabic calligraphic script by Ruh Al Alam

"This moment is all there is"...... Rumi                       Sufi dance~ zϮ ~

Art is a language of silence where all languages merge together to emerge as beauty.

The Whirling Dervish

Beautiful work by Salman Khattak. The paper in this case is stained with coffee. The dervish is made out of the word ‘Al Tawafuq’ which means ‘coincidences’.