Abandoned creature/ride

LunEur (Luna Park Permanente di Roma) was the largest amusement park in Rome, Italy. Closed in 2008 ✯ ωнιмѕу ѕαη∂у

Abandoned roller coaster. Mad Mouse has always been one of my favorite rides.

This mouse is a BIG rat. The last car on the track of the Mad Mouse roller coaster waits for passengers that will never come. Full moon, natural and red-gelled flashlight.


Architecture on

an abandoned villa in Tuscany, Italy. This one hurts my heart. This ceiling alone is incredible. And of all places, Tuscany? What a waste. This is beautiful

abandoned and broken : Photo

The park opened in the early but only stayed open for two summers. The park closed due to a lack of funding and sponsors, and has remained in ruin ever since.

Enchanted Forest Theme Park, Ellicott City, MD: Remnants of a storybook amusement park hidden behind a strip mall. Closed since

Russian Abandoned Wooden Houses

45+ Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions Design Ideas You Should Know

Exquisite, intricate abandoned wooden mansions deep in the Russian forest. How strangely wonderful would it be to explore these?