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Atmospheric black and white portraits by Deborah Sheedy

Atmospheric black and white portraits by Deborah Sheedy

Deborah Sheedy is an artist living and working in Dublin. Deborah is a film student, a fact that shows in her atmospheric, black and white photography.

That's really cool. If someone would actually let me take pictures of them that'd be great.

Girl sitting in the rain. I love this image with a sprinkle of rain falling gently, and the beautiful contented look on her face.

#photography - Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszvald --- every one of my baths

New Black and White Surrealist Self-Portraits by Noell Oszvald

Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszval A very cool effect adding the transparent veil to the woman like a confining layer of some intangible nature.



This collage of firespinning shows the creative power of a long exposure. With the shutter open, the camera is able to capture the complete movement of the firespinner, giving this feeling of flow and simplicity to the image.

I Dance Into the Autumn Wind . Words by Winter Jendayi @jungle.blossom . As Autumn arrives with wind in my ears and a sprinkle of rain moistening the parched Earth, I reflect on the past year and how what I have cultivated, has grown.  Everything is swollen with ripeness, the abundance of seeds we sowed in spring give their bounty. The fruits of our labors during the hot, dry summer are now here to nourish us and I feel a surge of energy, eager for the golden leaves, crackling fire and…

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