T̤̈ R̤̈ Ö̤ P̤̈ Ï̤ C̤̈ Ä̤ N̤̈ Ä̤ ☮ ISLAND STATE CO Launch Collection TROPICANA is about to drop : we're immersed in the wonders of Tropical Nature with barefoot island babies in our hearts and the love of a sunny peaceful surf lifestyle in our soul


Complete you nautical kitchen with an original Mermaid Tea Towel! This large cotton tea towel features a mermaid surrounded by a rope frame, anchors & a banner that reads "Take me to the Sea" all printed in aqua blue.

Down-on-her-luck mermaid..."will swim for food"

Please help. My people have been persecuted for centuries because of their appearance. We mean you no harm. We are a peaceful loving people who wish to live in harmony. If only you understood. Please give what you can, food, water, money.