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Los Angeles-based electrician and artist Devin Ward breathes new life into eclectic, vintage radios, making them compatible with their modern day descendants: MP3 plays and iPhones.  He removes all of the outdated circuitry, wiring and speakers from the radios and replaces them with high quality, modern components, as well an 1/8th” audio input jack so an iPhone can connected to it.

Modern Vintage: Devin Ward Renovated Radios looking for a working vintage radio for my sun room, any ideas?

1949 Motorola Model 68X-11Q Bakelite Tube Radio

Beautiful red maroon Motorola in a styrene case from The color is very bright.

Realtone Comet TR-1088 transistor radio.

REALTONE COMET - Focusing on the design of pocket transistor radios manufactured during the &

Transistor Radios!

Transistor Radios - listening to Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline under the bedclothes.

Vintage Panasonic 8 Gadabout transistor radio, model R-1326, AM band only, made in Japan, circa 1965.

When I first saw this photo I thought it was a vaping mod. Turns out it's a Vintage Panasonic 8 Gadabout Transistor Radio, Model AM Band Only, 8 Transistors, Made In Japan, Circa 1965 Doh!

restored vintage radio 8 Today’s Music on Vintage Radios for Art Deco and Mid century Aficionados

Antique Enamoring Mid Century Radios for Today’s Era: Appealing Restored Vintage Radio With Wooden Handle And Wooden Ornament To Add To Deco.

Buy ROBERTS Revival Mini DAB/FM Digital Radio Online at johnlewis.com. Retro radio, fab!

We are using the plural because this Roberts Revival Mini DAB/FM radio is available in five colour options.