bic biro Drawing on a 1878 newspaper

10 Beautiful Biro Drawing Portraits

[Mark Powell] bic biro Drawing on a 1878 newspaper - musch more beyond/ besides information/ data - social ong

Portraits sur cartes routières par Ed Fairburn - Journal du Design

Mapped Face // Ed Fairburn on Graphic Mixed Media. Ed Fairburn has recently produced new works that live in a magical place between sculpture and drawings.

Mark Powell drawings using Bic Biro ballpoint pen on envelopes, maps, and newspaper.

Artist: Mark Powell 'Near misses of nostalgia' Bic biro drawing on map of Paris.

Mark Powell Biro Drawings

Pen and Ink 2013 Drawing "'And the words tore me apart' Bic Biro drawing on 1853 letter/envelope.

Mark Powell - Invoice

Screen print on on original 1918 New York invoice. Limited edition of PLEASE NOTE : that each document is original and therefor each edition will differ

mark powell on Behance

Ballpoint Biro Drawings on Recycled Paper. To see more art and information about Mark Powell click the image.