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Do the clothes you wear wear out the world? Buying Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade, Charity Organization and Used clothing helps make a difference!

Print advertisment created by Euro RSCG, United States for Pivot Boutique, within the category: Retail Services.

Chapter 6 mentions the growing problem of waste that consumers create. In the fast-fashion, trendy society that we live in, clothing is often thrown away before it lives its full lifespan. This info-graph better depicts what happens to fabric when it is thrown away.

A collection of informative infographics exploring fashion topics like textile waste, textile fibers, fair trade, and the history of the bikini.

IBM Guerilla marketing

"This one is an IBM smart cities campaign product/ad. It is great because it is intelligently complementing the ad with the functionality of the design, so perfectly that the audience really gets the idea of the “Smarter Cities” out of this design.

Pivot Boutique: Green

One of the eye-catching artistic advertisements for Pivot Boutique from illustrator Rei Young expressing that 'eco-friendly fashion is not only good for earth, but also very stylish'.

Audrey Hepburn Typography Poster Drawing  - Audrey Hepburn Typography Poster Fine Art Print- - pela turca Ayse Toyran

Audrey Hepburn Print - Holly Golightly From the movie The Breakfast at Tiffanys Illustration Typography Art Print & Poster

Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere to look up the true meaning of the the lingo and (sometimes) obscure terminology that is used by fashion editors, designers and bloggers when describing eco fashion. A single go-to source when you’re stumped, and at a loss to the true meaning of all this sustainable, ethical and transeasonal fashion stuff. Well, COSSAC to the rescue! We have collated a mini dictionary of the most commonly used terms in our industry. The majority of these terms…

COSSAC fashion gives you a bitesize breakdown of eco fashion terms to help you define ethical from sustainable and organic from low-impact.

Ethical and Sustainable mantra's in Fashion   'By Less, Choose Well' Vivenne Westwood

Quotes About Fashion : Jules & Jenn – mode responsable en toute transparence // Fashion Revolution

Slow Clothing -- “Slow fashion addresses the relationship human beings have with clothes which can actually be really positive–the right garment on a cold day, for instance, or the way we do hold onto certain things in our wardrobe, certain items we want to stay with us,” Clark said.  “It’s about reconnecting with our clothes, rather than viewing them as quick trends or throwaway items,”

The Slow Fashion Movement: 10 Brands That Are Doing it Right

Blood donation ad by Angelos Ntinas

Serious advertisements

Poster / Participation in the Greek graphic designer's association, "Creative waves" initiative on social design.This month's specific project aims to promote blood donation, in collaboration with "blood bonds" blood donators club, in Argolida, Greece.

The Fairtrade Journey! This is information on what makes a product fair trade and shows it's journey too you | Fair Trade Decor

The Fairtrade Product Journey - great infographic about what makes fair trade products unique!

Bye Baby Bye - Lipstick lettering by Cocorrina

Goodbye Work, Hello Holidays!

Talita Ferreira is the former CFO of BMW. She has some ideas about bringing our real selves with us to work and how meditation can help you be successful!

The Life-Changing Routine Successful Women Swear By

Talita Ferreira is the former CFO of BMW. She has some ideas about bringing our real selves with us to work and how meditation can help you be successful!

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It looks like a sketchbook or a collage, very naturally done, but is still nice and neat, especially because it only utilizes 2 colors instead of a multitude of overwhelming colors.