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Sitting on Barstool: Right foot on floor or lowest rung, left foot raised on next rung (point toes to raise knees up) - Left elbow placed on left leg with finger tips touching near ear at jawline. Right hand reaches forward to hook onto left lower leg. Posture is tall in the spine, with chin forward and slightly up. Squinch.

Oscar winning actress and long time face of Dior, Charlize Theron poses for the classic Dior ladies watch, Dior VIII. The gorgeous actress l.

Sunny Style | Plum Pretty Sugar

Australian wool fedoras and wide brim hats in dusty pink and pastel peach? And natural straw boaters with an extra tall crown? And nude leather rancher style ha

photographed by Peter Russell

Hand in The Rain, Detail of Auguste Rodin's "Burghers of Calais" / Photographer Peter Russell