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Ideal Dinettes located in Bushwick, Brooklyn was in business from 1953 - 2008  Photo by James T. & Karla L. Murray

Light fantastic: Photographer catalogs the glowing neon signs illuminating store fronts across New York City

Ideal Dinettes, shopfront, Disappearing Face of New York, "During the eight years it took James and Karla Murray to complete this project, one third of the stores they featured have closed." - Newsweek (Caption from link)

67th Street & Fifth Avenue (ca.1901)

After George Jay Gould Gilded Age tycoon, married actress Edith Kingdon, against his mother's wishes, his loathed financier/doting father, gave the young married couple this mansion on the northeast corner of Fifth Avenue and Street in

The New York Stock Exchange, 10-12 Broad Street, 1865 - 1903. Photo taken around 1900.

The New York Stock Exchange, 18 Broad Street, demolished in 1901 to make way for the current building, designed by George B.

1905 5th Avenue

An American Gilded Age era image of residential homes. Located on Avenue north of Street in New York City, with handsom cabs and pedestrians, ~ {cwl}

A two-horse street cleaner, NYC, 1905.

A two-horse team street cleaner, with sprayer, squeegee, and roller at rear. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) # Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives - In Focus - The Atlantic

Street Scene: Union Square, New York City, 1904. Appears to be Easter weekend.

American Gilded Age era street scene, Policemen and pedestrians, walking past flower vendor display, in NYC.

Broadway, looking south from Prince Street, NY, 1860-76

New York City, Broadway, looking south from Prince Street, New York, 1860 -