I see a coiled wrap and a purple string swirling around this African head wrap.

Gradient Pink and Purple eye shadow on dark skin. Gradient pink and purple lipstick on dark skin (Clear brunette complexion).


Semana da consciência negra: turbantes invadem a moda, sem dispensar tradições africanas

Film Premiere: Lupita Nyongo'nun DpiperTwins İlkbahar Yazı 2016 Katwe Kraliçesi Uğraması İçin Sinema Seti Film Premieri

Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo at the "Queen of Katwe" Kampala Premiere


This head wrap was not wrapped with kente African cloth but with regular cloth. Many African Americans are taking cloth that is not Africana and wrapping it in African ways, thus showing a mixing of cultural influences.

Modelo: Tico Armand © ilha boi fotografia 2014 Mua: Numa Asatou Sohna cabeça de envolvimento / Acessórios: Encontrando Paola

13 Stunning Portraits of Black Women in Headwraps from Joey Rosado’s Photo Series

Regal and glorious, black women have a long history of adorning themselves with head wraps. If we are queens, then they are our crowns.

I want to learn how to do this headwrap! From Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day

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