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Lol yes

"Do you ever stop and realize that the average person doesn't know what a ship is or what canon means?" "We probably just all sound like pirates.

It was also trying to read a sign in Hangul, but it was in English...

Or you start watching an American TV show/movie and your eyes immediately focus on the bottom of the screen looking for subs. And you miss the first few minutes of dialogue because you can't understand the language cause your ears are so ktuned to Korean.

Kamsahamnida, for the English subtitles! Without them, I'd have no clue what's being said! =)

To English Subbers: YOU ALL ARE GODS. With love, praise, and SO MUCH THANKS from: every K-drama fan who would be completely confused on what's going on in our favorite dramas without you

Saving up for next year!! #korea

Makeup, Fashion, Music and Life = Me: Kpop Friday: Kpop Fans Can Relate

So true and a Kpop fans can relate quote that I agree with- people who put English subs on KDramas are amazing!

I love you all my subbers! You are invited to my Oppa and I's wedding!