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A fellow K-pop loving friend: So, who are you a fan of? Me: Oh, (and I'm promising you, I say this every time like it's nothing) I'm a Cassiopeia, VIP, Blackjack, Shawol, ELF, Hottest, Boice, Sone, Play Girl, Pink Panda, B2UTY, BANA, BABY, Bestfriend, Everlasting, EXOtic, Primadonna, G.Ni, Inspirit, Kamilia, Say A, LO^E, CHO, Lucky 7, Mercury, Triple S, QUEEN, and KissMe all rolled into one... ^-^ XD Friend: Ok then... -.-

Get on the multi group life

i know you can relate~

I've got a sick obsession its waking me in my dreams

Then it's official, it's actually more comforting then English a lot of time haha

I feel completely at "home" with the Korean language flowing into my ears

there's always a felling that someone's missing when you start counting. kpop meme

doing that with exo helps you tell what year it is :'(

So true and funny Kpop fans can relate quote about suddenly becoming friends with a stranger over Kpop

This is legit true tho, the other day I girl was singing girls girls girls and finished off the sentence and she got so exited and was like 'we should be best friends!


love it (: Checkout my website and support my new clothing line and my mission to help orphans in Uganda

All the time allll the time

More like mumble the parts you don't know, silence on the rap parts, and screaming all the English parts at the top of your lungs.

KPop Fans Can Relate #141: I become dull, Haru Haru. Saddest freaking song ever ~~ <3

KPop Fans Can Relate I become dull, Haru Haru. Saddest freaking song ever ~~ yass first time i heard it i cried. There weren't even subtitles i just felt the emotion

Yes they are

Yes they are and Bts is more than just behind the scenes and N is more than a word and JB is not Justin Bieber.

Oh my so true find myself speaking in Korean without realizing it especially this Korean word which I say a lot without knowing Jinjja!!!!

I use it more in frustration and disbelief but yep my reallys have been replaced

they all hate it, but it makes me laugh so much. tempted to make it my text tone

We all know it and at times(most if not all) hate it, but it makes me laugh so much. tempted to make it my text tone


my paly list has been taken over by kpop. My mom is always saying this that i m neglecting such nice music tracks of bollywood (which are actually quite good) but since they are my home field I give more time to kpop

and there’s also heechul, key, kevin woo, sungjong and etcccccc

and there’s also Kevin Woo, Kim Hyun Joong.

kpop rules - Google Search

kpop fans can relate

I actually missed spelled it the other day and was like..."oh right, I'm supposed to be American....."

I saw the word "Shiny" on the blackboard and then for a moment I wondered why the teacher misspelled it, and then it hit me XD

Ji Hoo Sunbae........... Boys Over Flowers

K-Drama humor. and yes, I would so appreciate him more than she would. Current drama is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: No Min Wo