Garden and backyard are the most used space in warm weather, so you should consider change something and make them look nicer. When it comes to create interesting and attractive landscaping, most of time you will choose plants, flowers, stone paths, wood, stone and water.  But in addition, you can not ignore rusted metal decorations. […]

20 Amazing DIY Ideas for Outdoor Rusted Metal Projects

Remember to add height with tall plants and let some of the greenery spill over the edges.

30 Unique Garden Design Ideas

For new gardeners or those with a small yard, container gardens can be a versatile low maintenance option.

New life for a vintage baby carriage.  I think I'd add some baby's breath to it too!

New Life for a Vintage Baby Carriage

Formal chair as a planter

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Attaching wire basket fence or deck and use for herbs - spring time project

old window, watering can and window box filled w/ plants & hung on garden fence!

Boston Fern Care. Keep the soil damp. If the soil becomes dry, the fern plants die out. Therefore, make sure you water the plant as and when the soil seems dry. You can even soak the Boston fern plant pot once a month. Another aspect of Boston Fern Care is fertilizing. You need to add a balanced 10-10-10 water-soluble liquid houseplant fertilizer to the plant just a few times in a year. They do not need a lot of fertilizer for their growth.

How to grow HUGE Boston Ferns: replant in in diameter pots; re-pot using a mix of potting soil and some horse manure; water frequently in hot weather); and if they start losing their dark green color, find some good fertilizer for