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reminds me so much of the fun times, in Ireland! sitting in a pub, watching football {soccer}, enjoying the company of friends and drinking a jack coke. be-strong-in-love: jack and coke! (I wish!

The first Coca-Cola bottle A prototype developed by Root Glass Company in 1915.

Coca Cola - The 1915 Coke Bottle: A prototype of the first contour bottle developed by Root Glass Company in The prototype never made it to production since its middle diameter was larger than its base, making it unstable on conveyor belts. #cocacola

A bottle of Coca-Cola Typography. The first of many bottle typography. This serie exist out of The Coca-Cola Company products - Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes bitter lemon, minute maid and prehaps Fanta .


Delicately Crafted Glass Sculptures

Coca Cola Mickey Mouse Botella Edición Limitada in Objetos de colección, Publicidad, Gaseosas | eBay

Coca cola mickey mouse bottle limited edition

coca cola ad

COCA-COLA YES! My father had a drink machine in his auto parts business. the drinks always had icy soda when you took those first few 'swigs'.


Shop The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online for Sweet Sophistication Figurine. Return to the timeless elegance of early century America, and celebrate a true classic with the COCA-COLA® Sweet Sophistication Figurine, a first-of-its-kind exclusive from The.

De Ferrugano

2010 Coca Cola Light "Tribute to Fashion" Limited Edition bottle designed by Salvatore Ferragamo PD(Coke Bottle Lights)

Happiness Bottle, dessinée par Mika pour Coca-Cola

Happiness Bottle : la vision du bonheur partagée par Mika et Coca-Cola