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I Keep my mouth shut of the time and that is when you wish you kept your mouth shut!

"I should've just kept my mouth shut and everything would be fine. Well, maybe not fine, but you wouldn't have gotten hurt."--Raoul to Treville

because it seems you can't trust a soul anymore.juicy gossip is way more interesting than being a loyal friend or family member.

The INFJ ear. Yep, I'm sensing your feelings and listening to your body language as well.

The INFJ ear. Yep, I'm sensing your feelings and listening to your body language as well. Hearing the unspoken words. It's an art.

Us introverts are like that.

Yes, I’m an introvert. This is me. Though I can stand a little bit of small talk, but I get bored with those and rather have a meaningful conversation. But this is totally me.

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Maybe I don't cry, Maybe I won't say, Maybe I don't show. but I care.

There's a method going on here.  You just don't see it yet.

I'm crazy but a good crazy! I'm crazy for those I love. I'm crazy for my passions in life. I'm crazy in love with Life! I'm crazy & unique!

Agora qualquer coisa vira motivo para colocar rótulos nem sempre necessários ...

YES I have a huge pet peeve of people claiming that they have undiagnosed ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, and Insomnia. especially OCD.

Working on this This I am learning to be quiet when angry cause I tend to say terrible things

[Irritated = get annoyed ] I think mine should read "learning to be silent." Still got a way to go yet,,,it's hard when I'm surrounded by stupid people

What? Why? Oh that's right, because it starts the drama, but I like drama.

This is what makes being on Social Media difficult. Social media friends want you to make your personal life public. I say keep it Private.