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Death Can Be Lonesome!    Death comes for you in the dead of night. Doing his job for what he thinks id right. To take a soul and deliver it to HELL, just kike throwing stones into a bottomless well.    On a pale horse in the dark night he rides, killing in scores and taking in strides. With wings of death and a skull of lies, a face of pain with fire for eyes.    It’s a job of sorrow and a life of pain, riding the clouds endlessly living in vain. Out faith will fail and the nightmares will…

The grim reaper is a mythical idea sprung from the fear of death. It marks a great contrast to other afterlife ideas of heaven and angels

50 Ways to Be More Humble and to Act Humbly  A Humble Gift  -Great Article!  http://learnthis.ca/2011/01/50-ways-to-be-more-humble-and-to-act-humbly/

Nevermind the weird picture. I think it was titled "A Humble Gift". This is a great list of ways to strengthen the virtue of humility.

Death on the battlefield # grim reaper......no one knew what he kept beneath the cloak

Paranormal Adventures, Something Comes For Us When We Die.

Death on the battlefield # grim reaper.no one knew what he kept beneath the cloak

Azreal, the God of Death and Equal in Power to Eremiel

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Beautiful Black, shadow, lady, thing.

There is two types of spirits in this universe, the light and the dark. Shadow was light and Angel was dark.

Angel paining by Karen Tarlton

RESERVED for Tammy - Angel painting Original oil palette knife painting modern impressionism impasto fine art by Karen Tarlton