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'Jungkook, hating people for their uality is wrong.' Namjoon sighed, placing his hands onto Jungkook's shoulders to get his point across. I just said it's gross to like

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rap monster: really v? Jin: v being possessive-nothing new. jhope: oh shoot got caught again. v: aish seriously how many times do I have to punish you? LOL WE HOPE VHOPE

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Kim Taehyung transfers to a school and soon later joins a club called bts he meets many people and when he meets the bad boys a certain one has their eye on him

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This is just a book full of bts fan art. Most of these are nsfw © to the owners of these pics If you see your art work in here and would like me to take it dow.

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J-Hope & Suga / Is it weird that I like jhope's neck in this picture.<<< It IS a sexy neck tho


Kookie lookin like he's going on a date afterwards damn

Taehyung, Bts

Attack golden maknae Kookie #bts #bangtan

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