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Elves Faeries Gnomes:  Faery treehouse.

Faerie Tree - I know my fairy friends would love it ! Papa can I have a tree house?

The World Tree from Wildwood Tarot Will Worthington, artist

Labyrinth Maze: A tree for all seasons, and a Fairy door leading to the Labyrinth.

Dreamy Direction

My fairy lights have died away but I will never give up the search for my magic tree. Tree of Life image.

La Kundalini. La Kundalini (termine sanscrit) désigne une énergie très puissante qui repose en chacun de nous. Selon la philosophie du Tantra, c’est une déesse serpent qui dort enroulée autour de notre premier chakra (le chakra racine). * En pratiquant la méditation, la Kundalini peut s’éveiller et s’élever à travers notre corps le long de ...

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so within is without

Is it more uncomfortable to believe that we are nothing more than the body or to believe that on some level there is no soul because we all are part of one source?

A Forested Jungle Vibrational Light Crystal Meditation Exp… | Flickr

A Forested Jungle Vibrational Light Crystal Meditation Experience by eceertrey

Illustration for my "Virvatulet luokseni"-novel. The story of the book starts here, in the Polaris-island, which is a home to many of the book's main characters. This is a castle of Skuld the Oracl...

❄A MidWinter's Night's Dream❄ .Magical, Mystical Fantasy Castle , Cast in the Shadow of Blue Moons. By Artist Unknown.