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Earthbag Homes Cheap and Easy to Build!

Earthbag Homes Cheap and Easy to Build!--now that would make a fun playhouse.

https://ewesillygirl.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/cob-bathroom1.jpg adresinden görsel.

What is cob? Cob is a building material, made up from a mixture of clay, sand, straw, water and earth. It is similar to adobe. Cob has rece.


Don't like the look of stalagmite or stalactite hanging from the ceiling like a cave, but the tub thing looks awesome

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Day dream :p The Ship Wreck: Studio Suite Vacation Cottage in Tofino. I seriously want an outdoor tub when we buy a house


The bottle wall inside the Brighton Earthship. Great for an outdoor shower at a beach or lake house. Natural light -Upcycling with bottles

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I can include beautiful artistic features in a straw bale house as here in this cob house . love the niche and corner to corner shelf thingie

The Bedroom After Being Finished | Steve Areen Builds A Dome Home In Thailand In Only 6 Weeks

This Guy Turned Nothing Into Something Seriously Awesome In Only 6 Weeks. I Want This So Bad.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: Living Abundantly on 10% | Transition US

I used to make mud pies.but a mud house! "The Year of Mud" - it's a book about building a cobb house at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Homes Houses

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Located in Portland, Oregon, the beautiful Wilkinson residence brings out all the feelings of living in a tree house. Designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, this extraordinary house blends in perfectly with the natural landscape.

escalier maçonné courbe

Extravagant natural home underpinned by a boho vibe. Lovely curved staircase, lilac couches, organic concrete walls and rustic timber skylight windows. / cobb house interior / The Green Life

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LOVE this living space. Wood ceiling and floors and creamy plaster walls ✔ Strawbale Buiding interior - Love the open space, the post and beam, the floorboards of different sizes, the arches. whole house is awesome!


Living in a Fairytale: The World’s 25 "Kabouterhuis" A house for gnomes from "Most Magical Storybook Cottage Homes"