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oh, chandler.

Oh Chandler.in the back of my mind it's ''don't act like a nerd, don't act like a nerd'' then I say ''and I couldn't get my ninja's alignment to drop enough so I had to make him a samurai and now he sucks''


Joey: Name? It know Ross, but what& it short for? You know like, like Rossel or Rosstepher. Friends TV show quotes


Chandler and Monica: "What if we live together and you understand what I'm saying?

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Ohh, Joey.

I've been looking for this for like a month

Joey has the same face when Monica said,"Hey, Rachel, can I borrow your eyelash curler? I think I lost mine.

OMG. Phoebe!! Love her. Laughed so hard at this episode❤️❤️

"Whenever I get married guess who won't be asked sing? Somebody named Geller and somebody else named Bing!

Chandler - 9GAG

It's an electric drill, you get me you kill me!" Do you hear it in Chandlers voice? One of my favorite scenes!