EKG Complex

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Cardiac Electrophysiology

Electrophysiology of heart.

QRS Complex

image ekg for term side of card

Use for homework assignment

Use for homework assignment

The heart's electrical system

The heart's electrical system (This one is for Erin :) )

Human heart structure diagram

Circulatory System Organs and Their Functions

Helpful Diagram of the Heart

Blood flow through the heart ❤

Blood flow of the heart drawing

ECG Intervals

ECG Rhythms

ECG of Normal Sinus Rhythm I want my tattoo to look nice , not like all the other shitty ones

How the Heart Beats :)

// Sam Patterson x samjpat x Heart Beat

waves of the ecg

The P wave on the ECG. The P wave is the first positive deflection on the ECG. The P wave represents atrial depolarisation.