Supernatural fans vs Beliebers

Supernatural fans vs Beliebers <<<-------Supernatural fans kills Beliebers,salt and burns their bones and buries them where no one will ever find them after all thats our job Saving people,hunting things the Family business

Pretty much - supernatural

SPN fandom is supported by all fandoms!<<Homestuck: we'll kill you and make sure you dont godtier

All of these are my fandoms. Don't mess with me or my fandoms. (I was expecting this post!!!)

Dear Beliebers You already angered the Supernatural Fandom. You Got the Whovians going after you and the Sherlockians. Also The Avengers and scariest of all.the Fangirls. And now we are coming Sincerely The Whole Hetalia Fandom P.


It was so funny and good UNTIL THE END. <<That's because Supernatural always hurts in the end. Fox Holder >> John Green takes care of children not his own - Bobby Singer

Some fun stuff for you :)

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Oh my goodness that is hilarious! "You lost your salt privileges" bahahahaha Once I heard the sound of utensils in the kitchen at 2 am and I somehow ended up throwing salt at my dad who had just come to get water.

Haha "he called himself your cleaning lady." << seriously that guy is a keeper

There's this girl today that said I need God after I shivered and looked like I was being possessed she's insanity Christian so I looked at her and said no I think I might not need him just yet then I stood up sat criss-cross on the floor, peered over the desk and kind of growled.

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The girl is to religious but the removing Good thing is kinda sad for me. This was kinda mean but I guess the girl deserved it for being too religious. I'm a Christian, but I would've fangirled about SPN w the person :)

BBC v.s. ABC

Abc: well anyways after he defeats the villa- Bbc: defeats the villain? Kill them both off and bring them back to life! Abc: umm no? Bbc: but then you get to watch the fandom suffer! Abc: no Bbc: youre boooring

Outback steakhouse pentagram....It's a demon trap made of Outback in Arizona <<< HOLY CRAP!!! I live in Arizona!!! I never knew we had a demon trap out of a restaurant!!!

Best Supernatural Memes or gifs! - Page 3

Walmart is the gate to hell.>>> Walmart is always the gate to hell

I understood that reference

I understood the reference!<-------oh god. The pizza man truly loves this babysitter

Misha gets "Hey Assbutt." Jensen gets "Son of a bitch." Jared gets "I lost my shoe."

Misha gets "Hey Assbutt." Jensen gets "Son of a bitch." Jared gets "I lost my shoe.