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My dad won't let me get a cat. I don't know how he can say no to this adorable cat face

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Funny pictures about Cats Using Computers. Oh, and cool pics about Cats Using Computers. Also, Cats Using Computers.

November 24 2017 at 06:16PM from sabonhomeblog

Let us show you funny pets photos created by American photographer Lennette Newell. Usually photographers make pets portraits, static photos but Lennette brings some creativity to the process. In this collection of funny pets photos

For the love of god! Open the door!

I hate it when you go to the bathroom without me.my cat just hated it when i closed the bathroom door……….

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every morning at exactly this is what I wake up to while Kitty is gently touching my face with her paw!

looks like our Chloe bug. all blk w/ wht spot under neck & between its legs!!! lol

looks like our Chloe bug. all blk w/ wht spot under neck between its legs!

cute and funny! I literally took an hour trying to repin this. I could not go on living until this belonged on my board.

Aww this poor squirrel! So cute! The chipmunk probably stuffed another peanut in its other cheek. There are worse things than a free lunch.

Cut baby

Beautiful grey and white fluffy kitten with cutest mustache playing serious. "I tried to scare you off, but you said, "How cute!

"Beware of people who dislike cats." --Irish Proverb

The British Shorthair, a stocky, sturdy cat resembling a plush teddy bear. While blue is the color most associated with the breed (like the one pictured), British Shorthairs are found in a number of other coats and patterns as well.