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viking helmet by asus01

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Interpretation of a pre-migration era Vendel helmet "Kada's gift" - Mail and photography by Matt Sugarbaker helmet Vrin Thomas - used without attributions, everywhere

Viking Wolf Helmet

Great helm for a Viking chieftain! Made from steel. Inside circumference is approximately Has adjustable leather liner and chinstrap.

Replica of a viking helmet, of which fragments were found in Tjele, Denmark, dated about the second half of the 10th century CE. http://sagy.vikingove.cz/scandinavian-helmets-of-the-10th-century/

The Tejle mask fragment riveted to a reproduction of the dome from the a helmet type fairly common in the Frankish empire and that was probably also used by Norse Vikings.


Detail of Norse warrior Vendel XIV ornate helm. Photo courtesy G. Wulfheodenas living history organization's fb page.

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ARNGRIM, viking helmet Re-enacting 2 mm Vikings Norse Helm Helmets Armor Armour Armoury Arms

Ohhh I plan on making one of these for my studio tickle trunk

leather viking helmet - Very, VERY few actual Norse helmets survive. One theory holds that most vikings wore helmets made entirely out of perishable materials such as leather of horn.

beautiful Meus medieval viking drakkar viking boat medieval and ...

Dragon heads on the bow of the viking ships were supposed to protect against the evil spirits of the sea. Whatever, it's art.

Shield Maiden Clan Chief Shoulder Detail

Our most elite shoulder armour. This piece partners well with the Clan Chief.

Casque de combat viking en acier inoxydable gravé                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Great-looking and functional Viking's helmet with exclusive etching. Perfect armor for SCA and medieval reenactment tournaments and other historical medieval combat activities.