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Room divider shelf concept. Close the backside to conceal the refrigerator. MDF? Paint for color visible as background behind shelves. Be able to hang art on kitchen side. Use baskets for storage.

Using a bookshelf as a room divider in a studio apartment or other small space serves dual purposes: it adds much-needed storage, of course, and it also provides added wall space for hanging artwork or photos, displaying collections, and so on

Our edited Expedit Room Divider

Instead of placing your storage bins at the bottom or top of a bookshelf. Break up the bookshelf by placing them in a uniform line in the middle! Easier to reach too! Place two of these bookshelves together to create more space to achieve this: or

Closed bookshelves

Closed bookshelves

#Boho #interior Flawless DIY Interior Designs

#Boho #interior Flawless DIY Interior Designs

UHeart Organizing: Bookshelf Styling Tips | IHeart Organizing | Bloglovin’

UHeart Organizing: Bookshelf Styling Tips (IHeart Organizing)

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30 Best Ideas About Living Rooms with White Brick Walls

This book shelf tho

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Room corners are overlooked and underutilized in a lot of homes. When every square inch counts, wasted space is just thumbing its nose at us and daring us to do something more creative and productive. Turn these underappreciated dead spaces into forces for good by making them pretty and more functional — starting with one of these projects.

9 DIY Ideas for Empty Room Corners & Other Dead Zones

The corners of our homes often go overlooked and underutilized, but, especially if you& short on space, stake a claim on this space with some corner shelves

Guest room

Books are my weakness. I try not to collect too many books, because I only have so much space on my bookshelf, but it's so hard!

5 Tips for Styling Bookshelves.

5 Tips for Styling Bookshelves

Despite having the purpose of storing your books, it will be so decorative. Check out these helpful bookcase tips and get started!

Stacy + Charlie: expedit styling

Hi Glitter Girls! Mitchell here from Dear Marguerite with some inspiration on how to give your bookshelf a gorgeous makeover. Forget boring stacks of books – a case is not just for storage. Shelves can be a beautiful space…