New promotional picture for season 6a

I love how everyone's actually posing for the camera to take a decent picture and then there's Dylan Sprayberry.

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski

He may have been all evil and shit but honestly, Void Stiles was Amazing! Dylan O'Brien is LIFE! Yes I'm almost I watch Teen Wolf.

Look at Scott in this picture

Teen Wolf Season 4 (I love how Scott's face just pops out in the sand and he's like : HELLOOOO) XD

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mazerun: “ Dylan O’Brien for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials in Demi Magazine Sept.


Over edited maybe, but Dylan O'Brien is a great actor with an extremely strong fan base. Emphasis on the actor part. His was amazing in all of his roles, and really assumed his part seamlessly.

#wattpad #fanfic Unas criaturas nuevas en Beacon Hills hacen que Derek Hale vuelva a ese pueblo que juro nunca volver, ya que se entero que habían matado a su hermana Laura, pero algo o alguien hizo que el cambiará de pensar, una chica misteriosa llego a tocar la puerta de su casa y le entro un lirio diciendo que s...

Te protegeré con mi vida

Stiles gets turned into a vampire by a man named Xavier. He teaches Stiles what he needs to do in order to survive.even if it meant Stiles killing someone. This is a Sterek story, but there will be some Stiles/OC (Xavier).